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Hooponopono and I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me

thank you i love you im sorry please forgive me

These Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono phrases, I’m sorry please forgive me have caused much concern and questioning.  I am sorry for anything in me that is showing up as confusion or doubt about Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono. Dr. Hew Len says that there is only this reaction because the doubt is within me…so it is. I would like to offer an alternative way of thinking about I’m sorry please forgive me.  First, you must accept that everything is inside you.  There is nothing out there.  I receive many comments from readers and subscribers who’s core issue is about taking 100% responsibility. If you notice something, it is only because there is something within you that is resonating at a frequency that allows it.  It is only possible to see what you are.  You can not for example see prosperity and abundance all around you if you are swallowed up with fear and doubt about how to survive.  It simply is not physiologically possible. To maybe get a better understanding of what I mean, think about something you are really passionate about.  I write about this often, I love dogs.  I see them everywhere.  One of my friends loves designer cloths, shoes whatever.  She can spot a Jimmy Choo a mile away.  I might like the more expensive stuff when I shop but not because it is designer.  I don’t know the difference. I couldn’t see a Vera Wang dress if every one in the room were wearing one.  It just isn’t in my awareness.  It is the same with everything. You buy an electric car and all the sudden you see them everywhere.  Where were they yesterday? They were there – you just didn’t have it in you to notice them. You can only see what is in you.  What is in you is DATA. You are the awareness! If you don’t notice your responses then you are possessed, owned, one with the data.  You don’t even know it.  But when you are able to step back and notice your reactions, thoughts and responses then you are on the path to freedom.  You can not be free until you can do this one, very simple thing – take responsibility. Responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, judgements and reactions.  The data is like a fog, a filmy substance hovering all around your physical being.  You can not see through and Divinity can not get in.  You must lighten up by surrendering your thoughts about “things”.  Your dense energy is preventing your spiritual growth and the blessings you are looking for. This is exactly why you are told you do not need to look for blessings and simply allow them.  Let your data go, free it so that you can be free. The data comes from eons upon eons of replayed memories.  Ancestors, from the beginning of time until now repeating the same beliefs.  Replaying the same stories.  This is why your life seems to be the same life year after year.  Nothing […]

Your Emotions are your Prayers

Your feelings are manifestations!  They are the pre-manifestations to your material life experience.  Your emotions are your prayers – they will tell you exactly what you are putting your attention on and will predict exactly what you will manifest in the world around you. This truth has been said in many ways by many teachers yet the majority of the world continues to let their emotions run without deliberate intention. So how do you create an intentional emotional prayer of your life? The story goes that the Hawaiian Kahuna’s went along with the Christian priests for a time, even as they banned their ancient practices, because the Kahuna’s believed the priests could teach them even more powerful ways of prayer and being since they were disciples of Jesus. As the story has come down, the priests made prayers that were shallow and failed to manifest anything.  The Kahuna’s were told the priests’ needed a place of worship so churches were erected.  Once the temples were in place and the prayers were witnessed, the Kahuna’s called the priests, haole’.  It has come down to mean “white man” but the original intent was different. When the ancient polynesians called the priests Haole’ it was in response to their shallow prayers.  Prayers that did not contain the power to manifest.  The shallow breathe, the lack of preparation and the wrong focus. A powerful prayer is fueled by well crafted thought forms that have been cleared of erroneous data, powered by life force as if a fountain overflowing and set free with full knowing of its reality.  The prayers are so powerful the answer often comes back almost instantly in the form of energy washing over the body. Pray like this, with full emotional investment in the desire as if it were already so and you will begin to witness the powerful truth in the statement… your emotions are your prayers. Who you are changes the world.   This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: Your Emotions are your PrayersProsperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved

Half Way Through 2014

half way through 2014

Does your 2014 look significantly different than your last year? Have you changed your life experience in any ways that are meaningful to you? We are almost half way through 2014 and we are here to tap you on the shoulder to remind you of your dreams. It’s not that you are not capable of changing or that the laws of prosperity somehow don’t seem to apply to you…it is simply a matter of intensity. Think about any change you tried to make intentionally, quit smoking, lose weight, get in shape…the long term results are directly related to your quality of attention. Regardless of how much personal development work you have done, if you haven’t significantly changed your experience of life regarding a particular part of your life, your attention has been on the struggle, the lack of what you want, the perceived problems. Let’s stick with the lose weight scenario…focus is almost always on what you can not eat, how tired you feel when “dieting”, how change isn’t happening fast enough, how hard it is to find time to exercise, how your body hurts when you try to work out….and on and on.  No wonder your experience of your ideal body is never realized. It is all about attention.  Quality of attention to be specific.  Your intense focus on your desired outcome generates powerful feelings.  When you are totally immersed in the desired outcome, your feelings about what is currently happening are qualitatively different than the feelings you have when you are struggling to achieve a goal. If you have lived this same life year after year – don’t you think it is about time let yourself be truly happy, prosperous and healthy?  You are beautiful and perfect.  Only the data…the stories, the memories you have believed and continue to believe are flawed. You get to choose what you believe. Why not believe in yourself as truly prosperous.  Free from fear.  Light at heart. Fully immerse yourself into the feeling of ease regardless of what is happening around you.  Knowing there is power greater than you can explain, at work behind the scenes of every single thing we observe in the manifested world.  Whatever is happening is happening in the greater scheme of creation to fulfill some perfection unknowable to you. All that you need to know is what you want for your life experience and know it as truth in your heart.  Feel it as deeply as if you were totally immersed in being it.  Swim in the feelings of being the you you want to be. Do this until you begin to see the manifestations in your life experience. The feelings are already a manifestation. Don’t live the same unwanted life experience for another moment.  See 2015 New Years Eve in your imagination right now.  See yourself experiencing the most significant shifts in your life.  See yourself being in bliss and gratitude for the new life you have experienced for the past 6 months and excited as […]

Understand positive energy and its relationship to manifestation

Do you understand the deep truth of positive energy and its relationship to manifestation? So much of the prosperity teaching spread around the world in the past 20 years has revolved around being positive.  From ideas of affirmations to focusing on what you want to vibrating with bliss, the prosperity student is mostly confused about what to do, how to feel and what to think. Your behavior is always influenced by memories replaying and fear of future outcomes, based on these same memories. The deep truth you must own is your heart feels and your mind imagines.  You are your unique history, memories, desires, beliefs and experiences.  Without an awareness of what you are doing in the present moment and how you are responding you have no way of knowing what programs are controlling your life experience.  Presence is the key to all manifestation.  Presence is the key to all fulfillment. You must not focus on being positive all the time.  You must focus on being true to your core being.  Not the memories replaying but the true self with zero influence from memories.  The source of all material reality is the source of all truth.  See past the experience of data replaying and experience your true being, pure consciousness. From pure consciousness your true desires and gifts will shine through.  Putting your attention on these true desires and gifts are the key to manifesting.  You find it is easy to be in energetic alignment with the ideas that come through you from pure consciousness.  Unlike the manifestations you have been struggling to keep your attention and energy on, your true desires are easy to align with. You come into contact with your pure consciousness when you quiet the mind either through meditation or an intentional contemplation of divine characteristics.  Practicing presence is a powerful way to connect with the transformative energy of source. Your actual future and your desired future are both simply a probability.  The quality of your attention determines your life experience.  A powerful attention to the divinity of the present moment unleashes the probability of your most powerful future. Attempting to focus on Positive energy and its relationship to manifestation are misunderstood and the reason most people are not manifesting anything significantly different than what is currently experienced.  There are an infinite possible experiences you may have in any moment.  Ask yourself why your life experience seems to be the same moments repeating day after day, year after year. Your life experience is being controlled by data replaying.  You must be aware of the data replaying and choose to put your attention on the present moment and break the cycle of the false data. Deep within the apparent chaos of your life is a tapestry of divine order.  There is an underlying definite purpose to the infinite number of things going on in the manifested world. Your potential is limited only by the bounds you put your attention on.  What you are experiencing now is simply […]

Mercury Retrograde Is The Reason You Are…

mercury retrograde

Be warned! Mercury Retrograde has started, making it difficult for you to see what’s right in front of you. This disorienting energy can make you feel blindfolded, and captive to confusion and self-doubt. But there’s a way to set yourself free!~   Mercury Retrograde is the reason you are feeling edgy but the good news is, if you are able to step back and notice your feelings and reactions you have an amazing opportunity to clear some powerful memories.  These patterns showing up right now as frustration and confusion are likely tied to generations of replayed memories and beliefs.  If you can resist the habit of reaction your opportunity to change your vibrational pattern is extremely powerful right now. Use this time to identify some of the most influential belief systems at play and change your past by releasing. Surrender your attachment to the replaying memories.  Clear old beliefs, contracts, attachments and connections to anything contributing to the feelings of “frustration”,  “anger”, “confusion”, “fear” or whatever is showing up.  If you don’t know what it is, just clear for whatever is contributing to “the energy vibration I am experiencing now”. You will have palpable energy shifts when you take opportunities to do intense, prolonged clearing during this time.  Keep clearing.  Change your life experience.  Change the world!  Mercury Retrograde begins June 7 and lasts through July 1st.  Clean, erase, erase and return to Home! Who you are matters to all of creation. What is happening during this mercury retrograde may appear to be chaotic and you may not be able to make sense of it – but it is not at all chaotic.  It is part of a grand orchestra playing.  You can change your part and therefore change the tune that is experienced by you and all of creation. Who you are changes the world. Namaste, fran This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: Mercury Retrograde Is The Reason You Are…Prosperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved

Raise Your Money Vibration in 30 Minutes

raise your money vibration

Change doesn’t have to take years.  It can happen and does happen in an instant…it only seems like it takes years because you are searching and “practicing” for so long until finally something clicks and nothing is ever the same.  The change actually happens instantly.  And the change is permanent.  When you raise your money vibration you do it at a cellular level and that is a forever fix! The Money may not materialize out of thin air the instant your vibration changes.  You must understand that energy is a real thing.  The materialization of the desire will follow, usually very quickly but rarely instantly.  The way you will know your vibration has changed is how you react to your world. You may feel more energetic or expectant, like a child does the days before Christmas.  In many cases the experience is one of disorientation.  You might wake up a few days after your session and feel “off”, like you aren’t really sure where you are or how you got there.  Then you realize you are in your bed, safe in your room.  Only, your physiology thought it was in a different physical place.  The place you will be when your manifestation actually materializes. It is a simple process that takes less than 30 minutes.  If you feel inspired to do so, please hire me now and we will arrange the earliest possible time to get on the phone together to do your session to start your new life of prosperity.   This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: Raise Your Money Vibration in 30 MinutesProsperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved

Creating real wealth, prosperity and affluence

The conditions necessary for the flow of real wealth are simple and full-proof …it is only a matter of your submersing yourself in the process.  It is only by experiencing that we become.  Creating real wealth, prosperity and affluence is not simply about money but money is certainly an integral piece of the pie.  Happiness, ease, purpose, zeal for life and bliss are all part of the whole that is prosperity. You are the pure potential of all possibilities.  Prosperity flows with effortless ease when you give in to the fundamentals of prosperity.  The ultimate authority, consciousness, creator, God, whatever you want to call that which exists, no beginning, no ending, no lack, all manifest creation comes from this ultimate state. Prosperity is a state of being. Effort is not required, actually it is usually a detractor from success. The more you become the characteristics of prosperity, the more likely your subconscious energetic patterns will change and your body will metabolize information in a new way. Simply begin to add the following characteristics into your being and watch as your life begins to change. Remember, that all potential possibilities exist.  You must simply choose the outcome you desire and become united with that outcome.  See my article on Vertical time, where I explain how all outcomes already exist now and are available for you to choose.  You must understand that you are not creating an new outcome, you are choosing an outcome that is already created See: Vertical Time: creation vs manifesting here. All that is required is a definite, unchanging desire and relentless belief in your ultimate being as worthy of the highest good. Desire with non-attachment, selflessness, an ease of being, being your purpose, loving and appreciating the world around you, knowing that there is no failure, only indicators of your position in the energetic field and silence. Know that your outcome is guaranteed when you are submersed in these characteristics.  Becoming who you are destined to be in this moment is key.  If you have struggled to manifest on your own, please consider our custom coaching program. You can choose to receive coaching in blocks of time you order as wanted here: or receive a discount for committing to your success with a 12 week custom coaching program. This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: Creating real wealth, prosperity and affluenceProsperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved

Vertical Time

vertical time

In any moment of “time” many experiences are playing out at the same moment.  Your potential futures are already created…waiting for your attention to manifest.  Your Vertical Time Destiny awaits you to choose the moments’ possibility. Your relationship to time determines your life experience in every moment. Your future is yours to reveal through your attention and intention and most critically your emotion.  Your emotion is your prayer.  Feel the future you wish to manifest.  Feel it deep within your body, in your spirit and in your soul.  Feel your desired outcome as if it is currently manifest and it must materialize. Experiential prayer is the most powerful.  I say prayer because this is the term we are most used to when we think of creating a desired outcome.  Usually “prayer” is thought of as something done to some outside force more powerful and wise.  The key to this prayer is there is some power we do not have direct access to. Do not pray for anything.  When you do you are focusing on what is not. Feel the feeling of what you want and give thanks for it.  Experience it in all your senses.  Appreciate what is manifest.  You must only choose which Vertical Time of creation you experience.  You do not create it, only choose it. Who you are changes the world.   This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: Vertical TimeProsperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved

How Do You Know If You Are Really Trusting?

X How Do You Know If You Are Really Trusting

In the moment that you think you have surrendered all doubt about a desired outcome, how do you know if you are really trusting the universe for the manifestation? Think about your desired manifestation and what it really means to you.  Why do you want it?  Get to the core of what the desire signifies…is it freedom, peace, happiness?  Whatever your core feeling around the desire, imagine you have it.  In your imagination see who you would be if you had this manifestation.  How would your life change?  How would you change? Now come back to the present and notice the gap between the new life experience with the manifestation and who you are currently being. This gap signifies doubt. If you were to trust 100% in a desired life experience how would you behave differently? For example if you had a desire to purchase something or to live with your ideal partner, how would your physical life be different?  Would your home look differently? If you had a new mate and they moved in with you, is there room for them now or are your closets busting at the seams? Would there be room in the garage or study? Is the space open for the new manifestation? If you imagine yourself to be healthy and vibrant, hiking the Appalachian Trail… are you sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream every night at 7 PM? Clean the closets, get on the treadmill.  That is the being…being congruent with what you are manifesting. The manifestation or something even greater is coming…there must be room for it to show up?  This is partially what we mean when we speak of being light or transparent.  There is an entirely different energy around expectation and wishing.  Send your sincere, unchanging prayer with sufficient life force and expect its arrival. (Become a Private Coaching Client to learn in depth Huna Prayer Techniques, including how to pray properly – how to receive a confirmation “raining down” on you in the form of energy). You must open your life experience to the new manifestation.  You don’t need to worry about how.  When you trust, how doesn’t matter.  When you trust you get the energy and motivation to take actions as if the desire was already a manifested reality. You know you are not really trusting when nothing in your life experience changes.  Your energy doesn’t change, you don’t do anything differently, you don’t move forward.  You can not sit an wait for the manifestation.  You must look up and allow the Universe to take care of the details.  Breath and know it is done. You will know you have no resistance when you spontaneously begin to act as if it were so.  Until then, trust, let go and keep cleaning.  Remember, you must always be in appreciation and know that what you want is almost always smaller than what the Universe has in mind for you.  Keep open and trust. This article belongs […]

Will The Cardinal Grand Cross Shift You Into Chaos or Prosperity

cardinal grand cross

All potential outcomes are available to you at any moment.  The Cardinal Grand Cross has the power to generate enormous change, whether you shift into chaos or prosperity is up to you.   The Cardinal Grand Cross is an alignment of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto and it is an extremely rare event.  The 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross will be exact on April 23rd, but its influence has already been felt, and it will keep building up from New Year’s Day (New Moon). What you need to know is the opportunity exists for you to transcend long standing habitual responses to life.  The energy generated from the Cardinal Grand Cross will make it very difficult to ignore or even live with ideals you have previously refused to face. The blessing here is that you can transcend eons of memories replaying in a very short time if  you choose not to resist what shows up.  Allow yourself to finally acknowledge what comes up within you and surrender it to higher Source. Your transformation over the next days and weeks can be exponentially greater than anything you have previously experienced.  Embrace the opportunity to transcend the heavy energies of anger, fear and lack and walk fearlessly into your prosperity, abundance and freedom. It is your choice whether you suffer amidst chaos or surrender and accept your true nature as reality.  Welcome the Cardinal Grand Cross Shift as a beautiful, divine gift; an opportunity to collaborate with Divinity for your greatness. Who you are changes the world. This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: Will The Cardinal Grand Cross Shift You Into Chaos or ProsperityProsperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved