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Will The Cardinal Grand Cross Shift You Into Chaos or Prosperity

cardinal grand cross

All potential outcomes are available to you at any moment.  The Cardinal Grand Cross has the power to generate enormous change, whether you shift into chaos or prosperity is up to you.   The Cardinal Grand Cross is an alignment of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto and it is an extremely rare event.  The 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross will be exact on April 23rd, but its influence has already been felt, and it will keep building up from New Year’s Day (New Moon). What you need to know is the opportunity exists for you to transcend long standing habitual responses to life.  The energy generated from the Cardinal Grand Cross will make it very difficult to ignore or even live with ideals you have previously refused to face. The blessing here is that you can transcend eons of memories replaying in a very short time if  you choose not to resist what shows up.  Allow yourself to finally acknowledge what comes up within you and surrender it to higher Source. Your transformation over the next days and weeks can be exponentially greater than anything you have previously experienced.  Embrace the opportunity to transcend the heavy energies of anger, fear and lack and walk fearlessly into your prosperity, abundance and freedom. It is your choice whether you suffer amidst chaos or surrender and accept your true nature as reality.  Welcome the Cardinal Grand Cross Shift as a beautiful, divine gift; an opportunity to collaborate with Divinity for your greatness. Who you are changes the world. This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: Will The Cardinal Grand Cross Shift You Into Chaos or ProsperityProsperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved

Huna Manifestation

huna manifestation

LET THAT WHICH IS UNKNOWN BECOME KNOWN.  LEARN HUNA MANIFESTATION TO FINALLY EXPERIENCE YOUR MAGICAL LIFE. Huna does not require belief.  It will not make water into wine for you just because you read about it or listened to a lecture on it. Huna offers a method, one of many you might choose, to harness the power of the unseen to manifest what is seen. While there are many paths, your power and authority to manifest will be significantly increased when you choose one single path. If your spirit resonates with the truth that truth is available to all and no guru or teacher is required for your enlightenment, then you know this information is right for you. The only other truths you must recognize to assure yourself that Huna Manifestation is your path is though you are connected to all you are unique and that very uniqueness is what tugs at your heart to be, do or have what you truly desire (you may not know your true hearts desire – that is okay).  Your path is yours alone.  No one else can fulfill your purpose.  You must step into your own journey fully to ever experience real fulfillment, peace, joy and power. Lastly, you can not learn by hearing.  You must experience the power yourself.  That is what we are offering you here.  An opportunity to know at your core being who you are and what you are capable of.  Even if you only glimpse the power, your life will never be the same having seen and experienced for yourself.   We do not want to “sell” anyone and only want you if you know this is your experience waiting for you. All we want to share with you here is that together we are forming a family,  family from eons of existence together. When You feel compelled to re-join the family we will embrace you and share all that we know and are Divinely advised to share for your expansion. We will do this in live (recordings will be available) events where concepts will be made real and explained in ways you will take with you to experience for yourself.  We will then meet again to discuss the experiences.  This will go on weekly as long as you choose. You will want to remain with us because your life experience changes each and every week from the experience.  There is no other reason you stay. We will be here and we welcome you to the family. Please look within and do not hesitate when motivated to join. Let all of our disappointments, regrets, worries, troubles, doubts and fears be replaced with the seeds of hope, courage, strength, patience and love so that we may be happy in our work. Join the Huna Manifestation Family Now: This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: Huna ManifestationProsperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved

If You Identify What You Want With Intensity and…

if you identify what you want with intensity

If you identify what you want with intensity and clarity in a swirl of reality you must manifest your desire.  The swirl of reality is an environment of naturalness.  You must feel as if it is truth. The degree of reality you feel is the determining factor for the manifestation. Combine the feeling of reality with your clarity of purpose  with intense focus on the intention and it must become a reality in your physical experience. Don’t try to figure out how things will work out, just practice focus with intense feelings and 100% belief.  It is a simple thing to do and it does not have to take much time at all.  The intensity is more important than the length of time of focus. Intensity means the depth of your emotional interaction with your desire. If you have heard a version of  “identify what you want with intensity” for years without success in deliberate creation, it is not an indication that deliberate creation doesn’t work.  It is an indication of some lack in your practice.  It may be the belief, and often this is the problem.  You can’t create an intense belief so real it manifests until and unless you are able to make it real in your body, mind, emotions and energy. It is an experiential problem.  You will begin to believe more, when you experience the reality of intentional manifestation.  Focus your intention on some manifestation that you can easily get excited about.  Something you can effortlessly believe is real for you.  One thought that you can hold in mind and feel in body and spirit with great intensity.  Watch something easy for you to believe in manifest and build from there. Believe then in something slightly bigger (bigger only because of your lack of understanding of your ability to create intentionally).  The more you deliberately intend and then manifest into physical form the easier it will be to believe in what is currently not possible for you at your level of awareness. It is not that it is not possible, there is no order of difficulty in miracles.  It is only your awareness that limits your experience.  Work with what you are able to believe in now and your belief will rapidly expand to approach a no limits lifestyle. Who you are changes the world. This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: If You Identify What You Want With Intensity and…Prosperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved

The Easiest Way to Manifest Anything

the easiest way to manifest anything

The easiest way to manifest anything is to not need anything!   Think differently about getting the life experience you want and you will get it! It is the same in any area of life, desperation breeds desperation.  Think about it this way…If you are desperate to make a friend or to begin a romantic relationship  the energy is palpable.  Your words and actions aren’t who you are when you are relaxed and comfortable with yourself.  Your nerves take over and you don’t say the things you really feel. Even when you don’t speak, your energy shouts loud and clear…”I am over anxious”! Others know you are desperate and are repelled.  The communication is subconscious but real.  The conversation your subconscious is having with the others’ subconscious creates fear and self preservation in the “other” kicks in.  It knows something is not right…kind of like you know when a wild animal is sick. A sick racoon will hang around when people and dogs are close by.  You know instinctively something is wrong and your subconscious – self preservation kicks in and tells you to get out of there. The other subconscious feels the vibration and sounds the alarm… what is wrong with you that you need to be in relationship so badly?  There is an instant mistrust. You have experienced this yourself, likely on both sides of the experience.  You have been so excited or anxious to meet or know someone that you fell all over yourself to get close to them.  Maybe you babbled or went silent when you finally got the chance to connect and that is not even who you are in most social circumstances. And of course, you have experienced someone who has tried waaaayyy too hard to spend time with you.  Didn’t you feel at least a little uncomfortable?  Probably, you avoided any further contact with the over anxious pursuer. This same energy, like magnets repelling each other is applicable in every area of life experience. If you really want to attract something, don’t need it.  Don’t even want it. Your energy needs to be one of knowing it, feeling it, being it.  Experience it! Experience it as if you already were in the desired outcome.  This is a totally different energy.  Already being in a relationship with someone vibrates at a totally different energy than the energy of really really badly wanting a thing. A foundation of confidence, security and contentment is the most attractive environment in the universe.  I chose these foundational terms to explain the energy of “attractiveness”  intentionally.  When you are confident, secure and content you are vibrating and a frequency similar to the things you want.  Prosperity, ease, happiness…all vibrate similarly. Practice for yourself.  Get into a situation that you are very comfortable with.  Be with someone you love and trust, maybe your dog.  Once you are totally immersed in the present moment, notice your energy.   Feel what it feels like to be totally at ease and happy. This is […]

Beta Testers Needed | Opportunity To Test New Manifestation Course

ATNN: Manifesting Beta Testers Needed Hi Manifester, Hope you are having a great weekend. We have only leaked one other post about our upcoming project and we are getting close to revealing everything… But for now I want to give some advanced access to just a couple Beta Testers to generate a few testimonials prior to public launch. Without revealing too much information, you already know this manifestation thing works and you understand it’s all about energy so now, you want to put the pieces together and make manifestations of your desires as second nature as brushing your teach… Our new project isn’t going to be about teaching you stuff.  It’s not about engaging your mind.  You don’t learn by words.  This little project is like nothing ever before offered in the Law of Attraction Marketplace.  It’s not a seminar, it’s not another tool or chant or energy vortex… It’s IS about manifesting stuff!  Period! The project will take the participants (we will be very limited because this is intense stuff and requires one on one time) from desire to manifested reality in 35 days! That is all I am going to say except to say this…we are looking for 2 or 3 Beta Testers.  Here’s how this is going to work… We need to know a little bit about you before we let you in (it’s not that this is going to so expensive we need to get you on the phone to convince you – it’s not that at all).  We just want to make sure the people we let into the program have a least a basic understanding of certain things and are willing and able to invest the time.  Yes, you do have to do stuff. So please complete a contact form below and we will contact you to talk if we think you might be a good fit.  Someone is going to manifest their desire in 35 days, we are going to be spending a lot of time with this person and want to make sure we are working with someone we will enjoy hanging out with and who will be willing and able to take action on our recommendations. This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: Beta Testers Needed | Opportunity To Test New Manifestation CourseProsperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved

Do Your Hooponopono Cleaning and Let Go

Dr. Hew Len can not believe how many of his closest ho’oponopono students go about their day without first doing their cleaning.  Don’t leave home without cleaning for your travels and activities of the day.  Once you do your ho’oponopono cleaning and let go of expectation and judgement you can sit back and witness the universal intelligence at work. It is funny how easy it is for blessings to go un-noticed… Just today, I left the house to grab a quick lunch and was almost immediately confronted with minor traffic annoyances.  Since it is a habitual pattern of mine to stress when I’m driving, I have to clean on any travel I do before heading out.  Although I had been cleaning all morning, I didn’t do any cleaning on my travels. So, as is typical, I got annoyed at almost nothing at all and the thought crossed my mind that I had been cleaning all morning, what was going on in me? Just as quickly as I had gotten annoyed, I laughed at how many blessings I had already received in just a few miles of driving, yet failed to acknowledge.  I had been let out in traffic even though I wasn’t the one with the right of way and had a couple other instances of drivers seemingly going out of their way to allow me to turn or merge.  I laughed because I was blessed multiple times and still managed to noticed things to be annoyed about rather than the blessings. It just goes to show that we are programmed and our programs run the show if our actions are not intentional. Do your ho’oponopono clearing and let go of outcomes and judgements as you go about your day today. Notice the blessings and recognize, anchor the reality, that your programming will control what you see even when blessings are all around you. Surrender what blessings must look like and notice what the universe is giving you. Who you are changes the world. This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: Do Your Hooponopono Cleaning and Let GoProsperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved

You Pray Without Ceasing

you pray without ceasing

I have taught many times that we must pray without ceasing.  What I have not made clear until now is that you are already praying without ceasing.  Every moment of every day you are sending out prayers with your thoughts, words, actions and beliefs.  Most of these prayers are unintentional. If You Want to Change Your Life Experience you Must Pray Without Ceasing Intentionally!   Your life experience is evidence of your daily prayers.  Take responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, words and deeds and your life will become a powerful force for whatever it is you would believe. Your life is your prayer.  Live it the way you want it to be.  Live your prayer of love, prosperity and peace if these are the experiences you want for yourself.  You must be them before you can have them! Understand I am using language to communicate and attempting to get through blocks of belief.  When I say “you must be them before you can have them” does not mean you really “have” anything.  Your life experience notices love and prosperity and peace only when you first become love, prosperity and peace. One your thoughts, beliefs and memories are intentionally and then unconsciously vibrating the frequency of love, peace and prosperity, you are those vibrational qualities.  Other similar vibrational experiences will show up as people, events and happenings.  Your tuning fork is calling to them.  They are singing the same song and are in perfect harmony. Your responsibility is only to your daily prayer.  The so called “other” will take care of itself. This is what is meant by be the change you wish to see in the world.  Your life is your prayer.  You get to choose what your life experience is like.  I choose love!  I choose fun!  I choose prosperity!  I choose joy! What do you choose? Who you are changes the world.   This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: You Pray Without CeasingProsperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved

What Is Hooponopono

In Hawaiian Ho’o means “cause” and pono pono means “perfection”.  Ho’oponopono means to return to perfection.  To make right. According to Dr. Hew Len, we come into this world in perfect unity and once we are born separation or duality perception begins.  It is this duality and the memories from the beginning of time until the present that cause “problems”. Ho’opononpono, specifically, Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono is a way to make right, or return to perfection, that which our erroneous beliefs have tarnished. You can not know the cause of problems, only that the problem is there only because of the data in you. There is nothing outside you causing your suffering. You can not know this intellectually.  You must trust and practice.  Your life is a prayer.  Every moment of every day you are lifting up prayers to Source.  If you want your life experience to be different than it is, you must pray intentionally. What Is Ho’oponopono (English) from Mabel Katz on Vimeo.   This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: What Is HooponoponoProsperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved

Ho’oponopono: The Inner Connection

1. The INNER CONNECTION (UHANE – Conscious Mind) DIVINE CREATOR, Father, Mother Child as ONE: Oh, my Child….will you forgive for all my errors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions I have Accumulated, and subjected you to over eons of time? As your Mother today, I forgive you for all your errors, fears, resentments, insecurities, guilt’s and frustrations. Come and hold my hand and reverently ask the Father, our Aumakua to join us and hold hands. As a unit of two please ask the Father to join us and make the three of us a unit of one. Let love flow from me to you and from us to the FATHER. Let the DIVINE CREATOR embrace us in the circle of DIVINE LOVE. This article belongs to Prosperity Whisperer ! The original article can be found here: Ho’oponopono: The Inner ConnectionProsperity Whisperer © 2014 – All Rights Reserved

Your Manifesting Practice May Be The Problem

vision board

If you have been doing vision boards, affirmations, journaling, chanting or spending time and money on inspirational books without much to show for it… your manifesting practice may be the problem. The mind loves to busy itself with stuff.  When it is occupied with things to do it doesn’t have to worry about losing its place as the center of your world.  The bounded ego does what it does from eons of programming…saying this is how to do things.  It doesn’t think for itself.  It simply does as the data informs it. Just like a computer program runs only the programs it has been designed for, your mind can not be expected to be anything more than you allow it to be. The spiritual and manifesting practices you attempt to use to change belief systems and subconscious programming usually serve little more than evidence of what is.  Every time you attempt to manifest with another technique like vision boards or affirmations without any significant evidence of their effectiveness, the technique has served to reinforce the subconscious belief in lack, un-worthiness or un-reality of your ability to create your own reality. If the techniques actually work for you and you become attached to them, they now become your new programming which will limit you once again.  Any time you are attached to an outside source and give it the credit for your power or lack of power you are limiting the unbounded nature of who you truly are. It makes no difference if your technique works in helping to manifest what you desire or it works in supporting your beliefs that you can not manifest, the technique is still being pointed to rather than the true source of your power. Don’t get me wrong, techniques can be useful.  At different levels of consciousness, different techniques work to help move you up the levels of consciousness.  Not that I am encouraging any sort of goal to achieve a certain level of consciousness.  Techniques are useful only when you understand that the technique is simply a way to help you teach your brain to expand it’s vision. In reality, there is no need for any technique.  Language makes it difficult to express concepts that are unbounded…beyond mind.  But the mind wants more data.  Always looking for more information.  The information is what stands between you and your desires. Use your techniques as long as they are not reinforcing lack.  IF they are not working for you, simply acknowledge the technique is probably useful for some but that your mind is either beyond the technique or not quite ready to process information in that way.  Either way, the technique is neither good nor bad, just not for you at this time. If a technique proves useful in helping you to raise your awareness of what is possible, acknowledge it for it’s help in processing information differently to allow your mind to open up to new truths.  Understand that the technique itself did not create […]